Issue 61, Volume 19, August 14, 2012

by spiritofeagle

Issue 61, Volume 19, August 14, 2012



John A. La Couture, OBSERVER



On this day, a whole lifetime ago, the Big Game of War ended! Japan lost what they had begun at Pearl Harbor!

Unfortunately, perhaps, this was not the end of “Games”. Just as before the attack, the games continued, but in this case, a greater respect for America was the advantage. A friendly and helpful attitude of government existed. Japan prospered.

What had been done and how it was done took a back seat in national relations.

But to those of America, and other countries who were drawn into the conflict, remembering the horrors would be forever etched in our memory. Many charters of history have tried to erase the whole incident from our knowledge. They cannot!

It may have mellowed and been mitigated, but, IT DID HAPPEN, as we have been reminding those who will accept the truth!

Other Games have begun. No, it is not the friendly opposition of the London Olympics, where personal strength of individuals and teams compete in sports for the glory of winning. It is likely to be the most important game of this decade, The Political Game! The strength and weaknesses of the contenders, either true or fabricated will be brought out as effectively as possible with a great amount of posturing and fantasy being employed. A given is the chance that the Biggest Lie, or The Biggest Mistake will be a deciding factor for the winner.

Flip your favorite coin for Him!

But Vote!

A large part of the process of po;itics is the vetting of a candidate!


What are his or her qualifications? Does the Candidate meet all requirements, the right age, the residency requirement as well as the question of Citizenship? Most of all, are these verified by public record, and open for the scrutiny of the voters?

There is an old saying to the effect that if the Candidate does not disclose these requirements, there is something to hide? Is there something to hide??

The incumbent has not opened his records, as happened with parts of the records with the last President of his Party, the Democrats. Clinton refused to identify his health record. The incumbent has, successfully foiled these requirements for qualification, submitting false or dubious birth records and very little else of the requirements.

Why should anyone vote President Obama into office for a second term? You know the rote: “Fool me once, etc.”! Well, he did not fool me the first time, and shall not in the next go around! My hope is for a majority of other voters to have reached the same conclusion. The incumbent, Obama, does not bode any good for us.OBSERVER, endorses the Dem’s motto “Time for CHANGE”!

Issue 61, Volume 19, Page Two, CPNL

This” CHANGE” would not encompass the program of Obama.

With a realization that there are problems, as pointed out by Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives and such, would it not be wise to install oversight and review into current policies, entitlements, and procedures? America’s first duty is to home, Homeland and Citizens. This should be a GIVEN! —Meaning that our largess must be given First to American Citizens. Our money must be spent to help feed, educate and for medication to U.S. Citizens. From that point, repairs or improvements to super- structure or infer-structures of the nation should be our expenditures. There is the shovel ready jobs and work for our people. Welfare is just another thing; Workfare is a key to improvement of our land, along with the ingenuity of the private sector. ….Just Get It Done!

Improve AMERICA First!

Foreward AMERICA must have a “Move” in front! Nepotism, cronyism, and payback for donations and funding obligations, cannot be the moving force for improvement, for the CHANGE, WE DESERVE AND EXPECT TO MAKE OUR LAND GROW! It has not been forthcoming as promised.

Chicago standard political practices will never Grow America!

Now, Romney and Ryan, YOU Make It Happen!

Ask not what your country can do for you, what can YOU Do for your country?” needs to be a reminder, over and over!

When we can help ourselves, then only, shall we be able to help others!


Dear Friends,you have been advised of the vision loss being exxperienced/ With the loss could come loss of joy in doing the things which keep me busy and active in mind. ( If you allow it?)

Try this on for size: My Retina Specialist appointment was being kept. The receptionist, in a business like manor asked why I came to the Doctor?

“I have an appointment, and you called me yesterday.”

“Has your vision changed since your last visit?” (That was one month ago, and I have been going regularly for over two years.)

“No, I can’t see for STUFF, and could not see for STUFF then either!”

“Here is a form for you to fill out!” “Looks like the same one filled out previously.”

“Well, we need you to complete it again.” “Look, I have this appointment because my vision is failing!”–“Well I will help you!” and she did, without a great change in attitude, smartly but not overly friendly. I’m just another old geezer!

Now we need you to sign this form!”was my next advisement in the same voice pattern, as she handed me the clip board.

Taking the ballpoint she offered, I made the motion of wetting it, as we did in olden days. Holding the board and the pen, I quietly asked the question: “HOW DO YOU SPELL X? ” There was a surprised look on the young lady, in unbelief! Then she laughed, saying: “You Got Me There!”

And, That Is The TRUTH